Friday, February 1, 2013

Pikes Peak Scrapper Tip #4 Get rid of stuff you don't use!

I'm finally getting around to updating my scraproom progress since last week and I managed to get everything organized before I came down with the flu on Tuesday, my blogging day, so this is a bit late.  Still feeling aftereffects but I can at least sit at the computer to do this and do a quick page for LOAD so that is movement in the right direction.

 I had received this plastic cabinet from a friend who had stopped scrapping.  It was loaded with a bunch of supplies that I thought I would use but never did.  So I unloaded it and the supplies and am sending it to my sister-in-law who could really use it.
 Here are two of the three boxes of scraps and other assorted supplies that I never used or wanted to go through that also went to my sister-in-law.  Yes, that box on the left is entirely scraps.  Yikes!
 I put all of my Big Shot dies and embossing folders in one set of drawers and sorted out embellishments into the other drawers and the see-through containers so I can see what I really have, all easily accessible.

I put all of my 6 x 6 papers in the white basket so I wasn't always digging for them when working on my version of Project Life, basically pocketed pages for those pictures I wanted to scrap about but not enough for a whole 12 x 12 page.
Where it all happens!  On my table I have my pens, punches, ribbons, some embellishments, adhesives, and my Creative Memories cutters at the ready. 

Yes, my phone is right there too tuned into the latest scrapbooking video on YouTube.  Now all I need is an iPad or a computer down here, hmm, have to talk to the hubby about that one :)
 I went through all of my papers and these are all of my patterns separated by color the best I could.  When they seemed to have the equal amounts of color in them, I just went with my gut and put them what felt right at the moment.  Stamps are in the drawers below.
The top papers are separated by color.  The plastic paper holders I got really cheap from a local store that was replacing them.  They are 8 1/2 by 11 but I put a 12 x 12 piece of cardboard in the bottom of each, and they hold the larger papers very well.  The second shelf has my favorite layout books when I get stuck as well as projects I am working on right now.  The third shelf holds papers by subject such as school, camping, birthday, music, etc.  It also has papers that I might have bought in kit in each plastic envelope.  My stickers are on the bottom shelf in binders categorized by subject. The black organizer on the side holds papers for each month and the holidays in that month. 

    My Cricut is very accessible on its own table with cartridges to the left.  My stamping inks are kept in the carousel.  In the colored drawers, I have all of my word stamps and any kind of letter stencils or punchouts.  Those had been hidden in a drawer that I had forgotten about and now that they are easily reachable, I hope to use them more.  The shelving is full of other books and things that I use occasionally.

I wanted to get my sewing machine in a place where I could use it easily from this shelf.  I also have my son's school papers to sort to scrapbook and my scrapbooks in progress on the third shelf.

The bottom shelf is Playdoh cookie cutters, candy and pizza makers.  I have relegated my son to the bottom shelf here.
As my son says, this is his scrapbook room, which is pretty clean right now.  He has so much fun stamping and punching with me while I'm working, or making Playdoh creations, but that happens out in the kitchen, not on the carpet.  The piano was my grandmother's that made the trip from WI to CO with us.  The charcoal portraits are originals of my great-grandparents who first owned and built the house and barn on the farm where my parents and brother's family still live.  I love genealogy and no one else wanted them, so I grabbed them up.  Oh, the stories they could tell if they could talk. Thanks for checking back on my scraproom renovation.  Looking forward to getting many pages done here with a minimum of saying, "Now, where did I put that?"

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