Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I received a Lanie!

Today I was selected to fashion the prompt for our group's challenge.  Here it is!

Lainie award
Here’s her acceptance speech and today’s prompt,
and we promise not to cue the music to cut her speech short!
Hello, I’m Cathy Holiday from Colorado Springs and this is my third LOAD and I am loving it!
I work from home as a broadcast closed captioner.  I am trained as a court reporter and instead of working in the courts or doing depositions,  which I did for 17 years, for the last six years I make myself a pot of coffee and head up to my office, turn on my TVs and computers, and using my steno shorthand machine, caption live sports, news or other entertainment programming.  I know way more than I care to about Lindsey Lohan, Tim Tebow, and the presidential election :)   Scrapping is a great way to use the other part of my brain and to just create.  My husband and 4-year-old son know when Mama gets in her scrap room, you enter at your own risk!
Today, my prompt is to scrap something you do on a regular basis, whether every day, once a week, once a month, or in the case of my page, twice a year.  I have been doing my own version of Project Life and haul my camera or iPhone everywhere.  When I look at pictures I take of my son and think about how some things never change and how some things change alot, I wish I had pictures of my childhood!
My page today is entitled “At the Dentist.”  My son and I have our appointments scheduled together and we all try to make it a fun experience.  Afterwards a trip to McDonald’s was the reward for having a great checkup.

Have fun documenting something from everyday life!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Building a Dream LOAD 8

For LOAD 8, we had to use a sketch as a basis for our layout.  I made a few changes to make it fit for my pictures of our last moments of fun at the fair.  You know you have played hard when you fall asleep like that!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Layouts 5-7 from the past weekend

Day 5 Use something wood grained.

Load 7, stitch something!

Load 6 use letters from different sets and sizes
It's October 7, and I am already getting behind.  Here are layouts from the last three days. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

LOAD Day 4

Today's prompt was to document a journey or a process.  These photos from my mom of my nephew Cole were perfect for my page.  She photographed him making her famous sticky buns.  Not sure who had more fun, Cole or Grandma!  He definitely got the best part at the end!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Three days of LOAD!

It's already Day 3 of S.H.O. LOAD  or Scrap Happy Layout a Day.  What that is an event where members of Scrap Happy scrapbooking group lead by two other members create a scrapbook page either based on the prompt given or do whatever we want.  Here are my first three days.  I plan on putting them up here for anyone to take a look at.  Please offer me suggestions on the pages, the blog, or just stop by to say hi!

 Day 3 was what I thought was color combinations.  When I finished my page, I realized it was supposed to be a certain color combination, wine, green, and orange, fall colors.  I love this layout of my niece Sarah Wheeler.  What a little charmer.
Day 1, Me and Shania.  Prompt was scrap about a song that could be played when you were accepting an award.  Since I couldn't pick just one song, I picked almost an entire album!

Day 2, Real Pirates.  Prompt was scrap using memorabilia such as tickets from an event.  These were the first tickets we had to pay for Conner since he had just turned 3!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LOAD October 2012!

Hi, from Colorado Springs,

Thanks for stopping by the Scrap Happy Blog Hop!  Here is the entire list of participants in case you want to go out of order:

Lynnette http://sassyscrapper2010.blogspot.com
Leslie http://lcsmithsaved-outofthemire.blogspot.com
Katrina http://k84mansramblings.blogspot.com
Kelli P. www.scrapbookgirl71.com
Alison D. http://adayinthelifeor5.blogspot.ca
Cathy H. http://pikespeakscrapper.blogspot.com
Dani www.acoffeeaddict.com
Heather H. http://heathazscrapz.blogspot.com
Alison C. http://scrappinginsingapore.blogspot.com
Heather D. http://heathersdragonsden.blogspot.com
Danielle H. http://ecoscrapbook.blogspot.com

I have just started my blog, literally, last Saturday, so I beg your indulgence as I am still finding my way around this crazy thing!  If anyone has any tips or suggestions, please leave me a comment as I'm anxious to get educated, which leads me to why you came here, to learn more about how to get through LOAD!

Five things that have helped me get through the month:

1.  Make sure you have adhesive.  If you are like me, you are drowning in stash, but if you don't have anything to glue it down, it's just, well, stash!

2.  The prompts are just the start.  If you are drawing a blank, don't sweat it!  Make a different page that day.  The goal is to get the story on the page and move on!

3.  If your goal is you really want to follow the prompt and are just stuck, go to the gallery and get some inspiration there.  Scraplift!  Your pictures will be different and years later it won't matter that you did and you won't remember anyway :)

4.  Post your work in the gallery.  What has kept me going during LOAD is making the relationships and hearing what others say about my pages and passing on the kudos.  I work from home writing closed captioning for the TV, so I crave that human relationship with others who love to do the exact same thing I do, SCRAPPING!

5.  If you find yourself running out of time and are mostly a paper scrapper like I am and feel that digital is cheating, IT'S NOT!  I am just learning my Creative Memories Memory Manager and am loving what it can do.  I will never ever give up my adhesives, ribbon and washi tape, but boy, when I can just click and plop pictures in pages already designed, wow, LOVE IT and the story is told!

Hope this helps you get through the month and I look forward to seeing all of you at Scrap Happy and Flickr!  Thanks for stopping by and head on over to see Dani at  http://www.acoffeeaddict.com.

Friday, September 21, 2012

My first blog post!

Well, here I am, finally made it into the world of blogs, as if I wasn't busy enough!  This will be a great place to display my scrapbook pages and anything else of interest that I'm doing.  This is definitely a work in progress!