Thursday, September 26, 2013

October 2013 Vogue PRE-LOAD Blog Hop, could Batman and Robin be in your future?

Thanks for stopping by to get your scrapbook groove on for the 
month of October.  If you just stumbled onto my blog or are 
hopping around, here is a list of all the scrappers participating 
so you won't miss great tips and information to make this a lot of fun!
After my first LOAD in February 2012, I was hooked and now 
this is what I am doing to get ready for my sixth:
1.  Getting a new printer.  I got this message this week and trust me, there is 
no paper jam so it must be a sensor issue, and it is cheaper to buy a new 
printer than fix the old one.  If you don't have any photos that match the 
prompt and you need to print one, easier to do that at home than running 
down to Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, etc. in your jammies.
2.  Making traditional 12 x 12 or 8 x 11 1/2 pages, pocket pages, or digital 
pages. "Get her done fast" will be my mantra in the most efficient way 
possible, unless I have extra time to play a bit that day.  I have even made 
layouts on my phone using the Fuzel Pro and Over apps while traveling, 
uploaded them, and then printed them out later.
3.  Sleeping on the prompts. I get them at 10 p.m. here in Colorado so it's 
great to be able to mull it over before I go to bed and get up with lots of 
ideas, or if nothing hits me, do the next layout that I want to do to get 
my one a day uploaded.  It's all good!
4.  There is no judgment here!  This is fun!  What is even more fun is on 
Halloween,  you can look back at your stack or album of layouts and say I 
live with Batman and Robin and I finished telling all of these 
great stories!  Well, maybe not the Batman and Robin part, 
but I had to post this picture from last Halloween!  :)

Thanks for stopping by and now go check out our Scrapper 
on the Street!


  1. Cathy I so agree with your "sleep on it" approach! I don't get the emails till midnight but on nights when I can stay up that late I do find I wake up with an idea!! :)

  2. It's so true there's no judgement here. We all just like to encourage each other to make pages. That supportive community is one of the best parts :)

  3. Awwww...what a sweet way to end your post! You are lucky to live with Batman and Robin! So sorry about your printer, but glad this problem arose before LOAD started. Thanks so much for your helpful hint, Cathy. I truly appreciate you taking the time to share them.

  4. Eek, Cathy, printer malfunction! Hope you find your perfect printer before Oct 1! I THINK I am lucky - being in Australia, I receive the prompts at midday, so I don't have to stay up late to post my layout (as I am a last minute uploader!).

  5. I hope you get your new printer before October 1st! It's very funny with the time at which we receive the prompts, I think I couldn't read them before going to bed, I would be able to fall asleep ;-)

  6. Hope the printer problems are solved soon! When I receive the prompt, I have to get up and get going but it gives me some extra time to think about what I'm going to do with it. I do try to post before midnight (my time) otherwise I will miss so much sleep...

  7. Good luck on the new printer. I have to admit to printing MST of my photos myself during LOAD so I'd be rushing out for a new one! I get my romps first thing in th morning so I envy you getting t before you go to sleep!

  8. I would totally get a new printer too! I am looking forward to seeing one of your Batman and Robin stories. ;)

  9. Too cute Cathy! Amen on the new printer. Thanks for sharing.

  10. How true - it is indeed FUN! (but not as much fun as living with Batman & Robin, hehe)

  11. I can't believe about your printer! Thanks goodness it was BEFORE LOAD :) Looking forward to seeing your pages. Like you, I love to sleep on the prompts. Time to marinate :)